Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pakistan: Religious Education and Institutions*

The writers say that when Pakistan became a U.S. ally in its war against terrorism in the aftermath of the events of 9/11, it became the focus of world attention. Its madaris (religious educational institutions) and their perceived role in harboring and nurturing terrorism have generated heated debate. They say that the media, government, policymaking institutions, the 9/11 Commission, the U.S. Congress and Cabinet all are apprehensive of madaris. An important part of the article states that numerous reports in the west have highlighted the REI system, syllabi, curricula, content and function and have strongly recommended that steps be taken to rescue the world from their “evil designs.”
The writers are aggrieved on such statements from the western world and try to clear the image of madaris by mentioning that the courses being taught in these institutes are not teaching their students extremism but on the contrary they are educating students with Quranic as well as modern science. The only draw back is that these institutes are not updating themselves continuously which is resulting in this misconception by the western world. The writers also mention the fact that private institutes are not providing quality Islamic education. Instead they treat Islamiat as any other ordinary subject.
The writers, in very detail, discuss the role of terrorist activities in ruining the image of madaris and on what is being taught there. They mention the services of some great Muslim scientists who had got their education from these madaris. The two writers have very nicely put together the facts about madaris and modern world education and have also given solid proofs to convince the reader that yes there is need to work for the betterment of these important educational institutes.
*An article by Khalid Rehman and Syed Rashid Bukhari from the institute of policy studies, Islamabad Pakistan

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  1. Religious institution are playing an important role in educating children and i think its useless to critize them