Sunday, April 5, 2009

Enigma of Madrassa in Pakistan*

The problems Madrassas in Pakistan face, their history and background, the misconception of West and International media about them and reforms being carried out by Pakistani government to make them better. The author has honestly admitted that though few terrorists that have been caught were educated in Pakistani Islamic institutes, but labeling all Madrassas in Pakistan to be “breeding factories of terrorism” is unfair. He has also admitted that few institutes where extremism and terrorism are taught have maligned the good name of Madrassas and tarnished the Pakistan’s effort to fight terrorism. Nobody could deny the fact he pointed out that Pakistani governments’ efforts to make Madrassas better and eradicate those who teach extremism or terrorism will only bear fruit if there would be international media’s will to change their perception about Madrassas and portray the true image of Madrassas.
*Khalid Khokar (26th July, 2005)

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  1. The higher society as well as the West has no or very little insight as to what goes on inside the premises of a local madrassas the aim should be bridge these gaps. The west has been continuously been mistrustful of the Religious