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College For centuries, Islamic schools have preserved and transmitted knowledge, not only knowledge of Islam, but also knowledge of languages, literatures, reasoning, rhetoric, and natural sciences.Madaris were established at about the same time – in the 6th century of the Muslim calendar/11th century of the Christian calendar – as the Christian seminaries that grew into modern Western universities.Madaris have long been vital to Muslim societies as places to transmit religious learning. Pakistani madaris were once known throughout the Muslim world for their well-preserved Hanafi teachings. Today, they are better known, among ordinary Pakistanis, as places where ones'children may get an ethical education, in a disciplined environment,with low-cost accommodations and meals, and improved employment prospects.Outside Pakistan, madaris are known today as breeding groundsfor violence. The image, is as misleading as it is simple, but is not without cause. In September 1996, Taliban [madaris students], mainly Afghan refugees from Jamiat-i-Ulema madaris in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province, marched on Kabul, toppled the governmentof Afghanistan, and imposed their version of shariah [Islamic law] onthe people living under their control. The Taliban used violence toenforce a shariah that banned women's formal education, paid work,and appearance in public without a male relative companion, and mandated a schedule of daily prayer and specific (bearded) appearancefor men. The rules of public, and private, life that the Taliban apparently learned in their madaris were strict and unforgiving.The Pakistani madaris has been transformed from a place topreserve Islamic knowledge from Western influence and the colonial politics of the day to a place to mobilize for political influence.Colonial practices fostered suspicions between ulema and governmentas recently as two generations ago. Government mistreatment o freligious activists after independence – such as arbitrary arrest and detention and prohibitions on political parties and religious associations – has sustained the mutual suspicions between governments and religious boarding schools, but only since the 1980s2have madaris advocated and been involved in organized violence.


  1. Madaris are in deed the biggest NGOs network in Pakistan, playing an important role in the educational setup of the country. However, due to lack of formal direction and modern teaching practices, some of them are just imparting basic religious teaching molded to fit in the personal believes of different sects. The need of the day is to organize this sector so that they can play a more useful role in educating the society.

  2. i feel Madaris are an import means of imparting religious knowledge.... it has been a part of our Islamic society for a very long time... as Mr. Amer says there is a huge need of bringing modernism in this setup too... many people have a very backward view of this system.... but its not right.... it just needs some modernization and re-structuring to bring it back on the right track.... people should not run away from the basic teachings of Islam.... i have been studying in the most renowned institutions of Pakistan, namely Aitchison College Lahore and currently in CBM... i am in favour of modernization of this system and properly structuring it....

  3. The Madrassa system is the traditional schooling system in Islam. Unfortunately, now people think of it as being the last resort. If they can't get their children into school, they're sent to Madaris. This perception has to be changed, and of course, for that we need to fix the Madrassa system. The word "Modernization", I believe, has some connotations to it. People might perceive it as Westernizing the Madrassa system. But the madrassa system has been fixed in many Middle Eastern countries, and I know a lot of people from the West go to Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia... Even non-Muslims go to a few of these Madrassa's or institutions to learn classical Arabic.
    So it is true that the Madrassa System needs to be fixed. Madaris need to adopt new latest techniques and technologies to assists students and they need to cater to a wider range of people. All this will require support from visionary Ulama' and Shaykhs, plus money needs to be invested in the system. This can only happen if people take the Madrassa System seriously... and take their religion seriously.

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